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Icositetrahedron - 24 sided dice

Icositetrahedron - 24 sided dice


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12 sided polygonal Icositetrahedron paper model template. Simply print the templates, score the fold lines, cut the pieces out, and then glue and assemble to create your very own 12 sided 3D paper object or 12 sided dice. Paint or color to your desired taste.

This is a digital download, no physical item will be shipped. If you have any trouble with the assembly, please let us know. We are happy to help. Email us at

You will need the following:

  • Printer to print 7 sheets of letter or A4 size 80 lb paper or similar weight card stock
  • A scoring tool or dull knife edge for scoring folds
  • A craft cutting tool or X-Acto type knife
  • A Straight edge for scoring and cutting
  • Model glue or superglue (recommended for fast drying)

Files and formats included:

Instructions in PDF and JPG format

  • SVGs
  • PNGs
  • PDFs

Difficulty:  Beginner

NOTE: This template is a FREE download! DOWNLOAD NOW


Height: 2.63 in/ 6.7 cm

Length:2.63 in/ 6.7 cm

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