Difficulty Levels

Creativevilla.com model sculptures come in the following levels of difficulty:


  • Beginner

Beginner models are for those who are assembling a paper model for the first time, or are still perfecting their skills before moving on to more challenging models. A good example of a Beginner model as well as a  Free Model is the 12-Sided Die (Dodecahedron). Check out some Beginner Models here.

  • Simple

Simple models are for those who have assembled paper models before, or are interested in jumping right in on a more detailed model such as the Venetian Bauta Mask. Simple paper models are a bit more advanced than Beginner, but still fairly easy to complete within a short amount of time. Check out some Simple Models Here.

  • Intermediate

Intermediate or Medium level Models fall in the middle of the difficulty scale and are for those experienced with simpler models and are ready for a more advanced model making experience like the Walking Gorilla. Ranking a model as intermediate may be because of the amount of elements in the model, the time to put together, or the craftsmanship required to assemble. Check out some Intermediate Models here.

  • Challenging

Challenging Level paper models are recommended for those who wish to take on assembling more complex models on our site like The Velociraptor. These may be challenging because of the number of individual elements, the level of detail (size of elements) or time involved in assembling.Check out some of our Challenging Models here.

  • Advanced

Not for the first timer! Advanced paper models are for those ready to master the most advanced models on our site like The Skull. A model is considered advanced because of its number of elements, level of detail, time to assemble or all of the above. Check out some Advanced Models here.