Why 2014 is the birth of real VR

Virtual Reality was promised to us in the 80's. In the 90's the Internet became the 'virtual world' and Reality became a secondary project - still promised, but not delivered until now. Here are a couple clips to get you pumped about the very near future of VR and its disruptive capability to everything we are used to. My prediction is a fully functional (and monetizable product) Holodeck simulation utilizing the types of technologies shown in these videos.

The technology is there today actually - what is lacking is content - meaning realistic, engaging virtual environments that immerse the user like never before. The Oculus Rift product is the iPhone of this solution - and soon others will follow. An exciting time to be involved in the VR revolution!


Here's a fun video of people experiencing the Oculus Rift VR goggles for the first time using a roller coaster simulator program. I have done this and it's as fun it looks.  In this case you truly have to see it to believe it. Once you put these goggles on - you will be hooked.



About the Author

Jerry Brown is a traditional illustrator turned 3D lighting and rendering veteran. He also provides complete creative production management services from concept to final product. Contact him to discuss your next creative project at info@creativevilla.com